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Fasting Experience Summer 2017

Anna Mulkovic

Hi beautiful people,

So today I am going to share with you my feelings &  impressions about my last 21 days water fast, but also tips to success with it and make it the easy & joyful .

First of all, fasting needs a training, I can still remember my first water fast few years ago it lasted 2 days and half I was tired , nauseous, craving for food and really depress .I am sure that most of you experienced something similar everytime you've tried it. Fasting requires a real body and mental preparation that can take up to a 1 year to make you feel ready. So take it easy and relax. 

Every year I am  doing a 21 days water fast  to flush out my kidneys, remove any waste from my GI tract, give some holidays to my liver, pancreas and full digestive system , we all love having some holidays, our body too. Did I feel hungry ? No , because 3 weeks before starting it I told to my body that on the 3rd of July we will be fasting, so my body new it , and prepare it self for it. Before the fast I did fulfill myself with plenty of raw vegan food, fresh organic food, cold press juice but also some little cook food that I really love, I had 1 buckwheat crepe with fresh veggies, and some raw vegan fermented nut cheeses and raw nut free bread from the amazing raw food place in Ubud , Sayuri In fact during those 3 weeks previous my fast I did really ensure to give to myself any pleasure that I wish, what a great way to deal with your body! So on the first  day of my fast my body was ready full of love ,  pleasure and I did not got  hungry one single time, I went to  the restaurant with my friends , see them eating, I could smell the odors , feel it was good odors , beautiful one, but nothing else, just like having the feeling of a memory . Because my body is quite clean as I have now a healthy lifestyle for over 7 years , this fast did not really had any healing crisis , just 5 days of twice daily diarrhea with lots of black mucus, probably old things from childhood. The remaining was like normal day I went to the immigration office to make my visa 4 times and trust me it is not an easy task , hours of queue and 1 hour of traffic jam to get there , but I drove there easily by my own with my distilled water glass bottle and all good. I have been working everyday , creating this new website and community because I just got so inspired. When you are not wasting your energy to digest all day long, your brain starts to work way better, stronger and bigger and what I would do in 2 months if eating was done in 2 weeks water fasting, we always underestimate the potential that lives inside of each one of us if we remove the barriers, limits and borders. For the last 2 days I decided to go into a dry fast, in order to increase the kidney flush. Well those 2 days were amazing, I got high, was feeling happy, super conscious , had visions of my future, of the right choices I needed to do it was all clear and full of love , I was feeling so blessed, feeling like a newborn in the arms of his mum, feeling the best sensation of beauty , love and security in the world. It was a very deep natural emotion that is hard to explain. But stronger then whatever you can try in your life. My tears are falling out when I writing it right now, as it is so intense , it is just pure unconditional god's love.

So this is end , yesterday I had my first juice, at Seeds of life, it was just magical , plantain, pineapple turmeric ginger, magic flows running through my body like the niagara falls, could feel its power and gentleness at the same time, did not feel hungry at first but then slowly wanted a mango, because this is what I did tell to my body for 3 weeks , that we will break this fast with mango, it was the most delicious mango in the world. Basically to resume that experience , if you prepare yourself  properly a fast will the best experience of your life and will be very gentle , simple and allows to keep having your daily healthy life without any issues. Even though that when you are fasting it is recommending to rest a lot so your body can activate more cleaning process .