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You want to get a personal assessment, but do not know which one is the best for you? Do not worry contact me and after a little exchange I will tell you the best guidance that fits your needs. We often do not really see what we really need, and a professional guidance is essential and is the true key of success. 


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Flush out your past

Anna Mulkovic

To start detox it is important to understand that all the abuses that you did to your body with innocence during your whole life must be evacuated , and the damages must be repaired . To start this process that is not a goal but a path , do not expect to clean out within 1 month of 1 year, it is a full lifetime process where everyday you will get better and better. 

So first step open the doors . Yes if you want to evacuate waste you need to open your doors that are clogged. It start with a clean diet (Receive  my free Meal plan) and by some flushes. And it is important to respect the rules with flush to avoid any discomfort but also to make the flush efficient. There is a specific order to follow with flush , first open up the exit doors . Bowels/kidneys then flush the toxin entrance main door, liver. If you follow my protocols and do that with frequency you will really be able to to feel a great difference in your life, your body, your mindset. To fully success with the flushes , you can go to my Online Store and get your 3 types or protocols in order to start cleaning your body! But keep in mind to always do those cleaning with love and patience. you can't remove a lifetime of damage in a day, but you can definitly improve your condition everyday a bit more.