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Simple tips to change your food assimilation

Anna Mulkovic

Hi beautiful community , 

Today I wanted to share with you a simple tip that will enable you to feel lighter after you eat, to absorb more nutrients from your food intakes, to be able to digest properly , get more energy, loose weight or gain some weight if needed. Well to regulate part of your digestive process.

1 single simple tip easy to do anytime, anywhere. Do not eat and drink at the same time !Yes beautiful people, we are all used to start our meals with drinks, water, juices, tea or however to keep drinking during the meals to smooth the food, and drink a lot after the meal to keep smoothing ! The matter is that when the food you have eaten reach the stomach , many glands are producing enzymes in order to break down your food to make it available to your circulatory system , but if you drink , whatever it is you will dilute those enzymes, those little scissors , and avoid your food to be properly digested, it will reach your colon into big pieces, and will not be "authorized" then to go through your blood system to nourish your body. It can be nice organic raw food , without break down it will not reach your cells. What a waste right ? So now the question is why do we drink or feel thirsty during meals? well fruits/veggies are full of water so you should not feel thirsty except if you cook them and by doing so , you are removing the water content from it. Which is dehydration so then you could feel thirsty eventually. If you eat grains, flours, salts, refines sugar , meat, dairy products , all cook highly processed products you will feel thirsty but if you eat hydrated fresh raw products it will not happen. Make your choice, assume your consequence ! But it is worthy to try it anyway, drink 30 minutes before or 1 hour after your meals ,  it will change your meal time. Please feel free to comment below and let us know !