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You want to get a personal assessment, but do not know which one is the best for you? Do not worry contact me and after a little exchange I will tell you the best guidance that fits your needs. We often do not really see what we really need, and a professional guidance is essential and is the true key of success. 


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Anna Mulkovic

We often forget the role of our emotions and  thoughts in terms of healing. I used to be very focus on the physical aspect of healing. That if we live in the proper way, sleep early, avoid wifi, eat the fresh vibrant food, we will heal, automatically. Of course by following that, your body will feel so much better and this wellness  will impact the spirit. So it means that physics and spirit are linked and that one can impact the other in ... both ways..... I found my coaching being so much efficient since I have started to coach, both spirit and body... Some people are not ready to heal, to loose weight, to gain weight .... Being sick is a way to get the attention of your world, get the pity from the people around you, and it is nourishing your ego, your fears. Loosing weight, means you are independent, that you trust the world about the love you will find in it, without having to keep surrounding you with fat/water to keep the surrounding feeling, that you need, but that you are afraid not find in the world.  Being thiner is also a way to be less "seen", with overweight people will see you anyway, what if you get lean and people don't pay attention to you anymore? Don't you think that you can do more, than being overweight to get the attention of the others? Of course you can! 

All of our behaviors are nourished by fears, fear we've got from our parents, our education, our lifestyles, that are difficult to work against it, if we don't accept it.  The solution is very simple, just accept who you are, your fears, feed them with love, compassion everyday. Send love, trust to yourself and you will be able to get rid of what you don't like, but that was keeping you "alive" in a small life but still. We all need love, the world is full of love, we don't have to protect ourselves by pretending a sickness  like to cancer or diabetes to exist and being loved! Free yourself from old patterns that keep you prisoner of your fears. Don't reject any part of you, just accept & send them love!